Linux on the DELL Latitude CPt C400GT Laptop


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2. September 1999: Start of this page
4. September 1999: Added Tech Specs
18. September 1999: There's a Sound-Patch for the 256ZX, written by Henri Orland and Tan Yong Tai.
10. Dezember 1999: Sound with OSS release v3.9.2 works.
11. Dezember 1999: BIOS-Upgrade to Revision A02.
23. Januar 2000: BIOS-Upgrade to Revision A04.
23. Januar 2000: Upgrade to OSS release 3.9.3c.

Tech Specs:

BIOS: Revision A02 @ 11. Dezember 1999
CPU: Intel® Mobile Celeron 400MHz
Chipset: Intel Mobile 440BX PCIset
I/O Controller Chip: SMC Orion (FDC3758FRT Revision C)
Bus Speed: Local Bus @ 66MHz, AGP Bus @ 66MHz, PCI Bus @ 33MHz
Hard Disk: 6.4GB 2.5"
CD-ROM Drive: Toshiba 24x Variable-Speed, Removable
PC Cards: Texas Instruments PCI 1225 CardBus Controller
Memory: 128MB 3.3V SDRAM
Infrared: One Port compatible with IrDA Standards 1.0 and 1.1
Video: 256-Bit, Hardware-Aaccelerated AGP (32-bit) NeoMagic MagicMedia256ZX, 4MB Video RAM
Audio: NeoMagic MagicMedia256ZX Interface to AC97 Codec, Sound Blaster Emulation
Dislpay: 14.1 Inch Active Matrix Color (TFT), Height 214.0 mm, Width 286.0 mm, Diagonal 358.0 mm
Maximum Resolution 1024x768 Pixels @ 16 Million Colors (support up to 1280x1024 with external monitor)


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Supported by OSS in release v3.9.2y for Linux x86.
It includes a Neomagic NM2200 Beta1 driver which works !


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